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Hillybilly Bop

I have been enjoying playing the telecaster in the trio. The sound of the arch top jazz box was wearing thin on my ears. I was looking for something a little more subversive. Also telecasters sound best when played at an impolite volume. Noodling apologetically on an arch top guitar in the corner has less appeal these days.

People are louder at gigs now. People seem more insensitive. You can point a trumpet at someones head from a metre away and they don’t mind.

The HillBilly Bop band plays unapologetic bop heads from the 40’s, old latino south of the border vibe material, American ballads, gypsy jazz and whatever else I feel good about. I am not a tribute band. I do everything my own way. The drums, bass and guitar keep everything pared down and raw.

The telecaster I use is a custom shop Baja ’52 vintage style guitar with great sounding pickups. I am running in straight into a Fender Blues deluxe amp with no pedals or effects; just a bit of amp reverb. It’s all in the hands baby.

Come along to one of our shows. I am sure you will like it.

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